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Jewelry Care Guide

How to care for your diamond jewelry

To maintain the beauty and brilliance of your diamond jewelry, it's crucial to provide proper care. These care guidelines were crafted with care and remain essential to preserving your precious pieces. While there's a common notion that a diamond ring should equate to three months' wages, the value of your ring, whether an heirloom or an extravagant engagement token, lies in its exquisite appearance and enduring sparkle.


Preserving the Brilliance

Diamonds, with their timeless beauty and unparalleled durability, have endured through the ages. However, to ensure they continue to sparkle, they require proper care and appreciation. We've curated a collection of invaluable tips and strategies to help you maintain the brilliance of your diamond jewelry for generations to come.

Keep your diamond jewels shining

Since its discovery, a diamond has embarked on a remarkable journey, with only a select few earning the distinction of becoming De Beers Forevermark diamonds. To preserve the brilliance of your diamond jewelry, uphold the same level of care and attention to detail as the experts and master craftsmen before us. Just as each diamond is unique, so too is the love it symbolizes, deserving of continual nurturing and protection to ensure its enduring sparkle.

Storing your diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry, due to its inherent hardness, can easily damage other jewels, metals, and even diamonds themselves. When storing your diamond jewelry, it's crucial to keep it separate from other pieces to maintain its pristine quality.

Whenever possible, store your diamond jewelry in its original packaging. Alternatively, you can use individual soft linen pouches to provide protection against potential harm.

To ensure long-term protection for your diamond jewelry, it's essential to safeguard your jewelry box. Store it in a dry, cool, and secure location to maintain its integrity and continue to safeguard your precious diamonds.

Keeping your diamond jewelry safe

As soon as your diamond jewelry is in your possession, it embodies a lifetime of future experiences and dreams.

While the sentimental value of your diamond jewelry is irreplaceable, ensuring its monetary worth against potential loss, theft, or damage is a prudent step to take.

Numerous insurers offer specialized insurance policies tailored specifically for jewelry, offering distinct advantages compared to other types of coverage.