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Ring Size Guide

Expert Guide with Conversion Charts and Tips

Learn to accurately measure your ring size or your loved one's at home using our comprehensive guide, complete with size conversion charts and helpful advice.


Finding the Perfect Ring Size

Your ring should fit comfortably on your finger, whether you prefer silver or gold rings. When worn, it should stay securely in place, but it should also slide over your knuckle with ease when removed. If the ring is too tight, it will feel uncomfortable and may be difficult to remove. Conversely, if the ring is too loose, it risks slipping off your finger and getting lost. Aim for a size that balances security with comfort.

Chart of Ring Sizes

All our rings adhere to the US standard sizing system. You can easily determine the corresponding finger circumference and convert sizes using the chart provided below. This sizing format applies universally to wedding bands, engagement rings, and fashion rings alike.

How Should a Ring Fit?

A well-fitting ring should snugly encircle your finger, providing a secure fit without excessive tightness, and smoothly glide over your knuckle with minimal resistance. It should offer a slight resistance when worn, yet be easy to put on and remove without requiring excessive force.

What if the ring doesn’t fit?

Should your ring not fit perfectly, there's no need for concern. Achieving the ideal size can be challenging, but we've got you covered. Simply return the ring for resizing if necessary to ensure it fits just right.

We offer complimentary resizing for items within 30 days of delivery, accommodating adjustments up to two sizes smaller or larger. However, resizing beyond this range may result in an additional £69 fee. Please note that the feasibility of resizing depends on the complexity of the design, and certain elements may not be resizable.

For further assistance or information, feel free to reach out to our customer care team via live chat, phone, or email at We're here to help!

Ring Size Tips

  • When determining your ring size, it's essential to measure the hand you intend to wear the ring on, as our dominant hands often have slightly different sizes. Consider the design of the ring carefully; wider bands tend to fit snugger. For rings with bulky bands (>4mm), it's advisable to size up by at least half a size, while for very thin designs (<1.3mm), sizing down appropriately is recommended. Remember that ring sizes are typically measured in millimeters (mm), not inches.

  • Ensure that your body temperature is at a normal level, as fingers tend to contract in colder weather and swell in warmer temperatures. It's best to measure towards the middle or end of the day, as our fingers can change size throughout the day based on factors like diet and hydration.

  • When measuring, consider both the base of the finger and any prominent knuckles. The ring should slide comfortably over the knuckle without being too tight or loose, so choose a size that falls between those measurements for optimal comfort and fit.

if you have further questions

feel free to reach out to our team of jewelry specialists for any inquiries or assistance in finding your perfect piece. we're here to help you at every stage of your journey.